Doctor Approved


Because of our science-based philosophy, many doctors (over 3,000 in the USA)
and scientific specialists support us and use our products.

Molecular Hydrogen
Our products are designed to give you up to triple the minimum amount of therapeutic hydrogen. 

Healthy Water
Second to air only, water is crucial to our existence. Our Echo Hydrogen Enriched Water machines
purify your water so that you have the best drinking water for optimum health.

A Mission That Matters
Working directly with the world’s leading authorities and researchers to find and discover
the latest technologies that can enhance your health.

Patented Technology
With over 20 different patents we have the most advanced technology to provide the highest possible
molecular hydrogen levels, achieved by 9 electrodes covered with 5 layers of platinum.

Evidence driven
Over 700+ studies back up the science of hydrogen and its therapeutic role in the living body.

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