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Who are we?

“Global agents of Synergy Science, Inc. We work hand in hand to spread hydrogen health technology around the world.We are a lifestyle company dedicated to education and empowerment so that you can make better decisions regarding your health.
Our research and development has created the best technology to help you.” Veronika Appleford Divincova.

The H2 revolution

We created a global movement to increase our health awareness. Continuously working at the edge of new breakthrough protocols,
research and new science, we believe to be the best on the market.

Our Manufacturer

Paul Barattiero, C.Ped., ND understood how critical it was to have a machine that had the best components as well as parts that won’t fail. He chose a manufacturer that shared his vision. He works very closely (daily) to develop new products and improve existing products. He developed the best machine. He had to partner a manufacturer that was willing to stand behind the product completely.

He travels to South Korea and Japan and has enjoyed dinner with the Presidents of many of the manufacturers. He partnered with a company that would make exactly what he wanted the way he wanted. In 2007, they developed a patented technology that was incorporated into the Echo® machine makes it impossible for minerals or scale to build up on the cathode. They were the first and only manufacture that developed a proprietary electrode shape that is twice as efficiency at producing Hydrogen gas and HOCL (Hypoochlorus acid) and are backed by more than 30 years of manufacturing excellence.

Certifications and Test Reports


  • Factory Medical Approval Cert. No. 610
  • USA FDA Registration. No. 3005053780
  • Korea FDA Cert. No. 13930
  • Japanese Safety Cert. (JIS) No. 3-2972
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Cert. No. 2004-248-00
  • CE Electrical Cert. No. N8 03 11 45030 002
  • UL and CSA Safety Cert. No. 9130 1,2 and 3 S
  • NSF / ANSI Standard 61
  • Certified Quality Assurance – ISO 14001 Cert. No. K/E00892
  • Quality Assurance – ISO 9001 Cert. No. K/Q01066
  • Singapore General Hospital Bacterial Test Report (W6302)
  • Singapore General Hospital Chlorine Test Report (W6301)


  • Industrial Medal of Merit (Japanese Emperor)
  • Secretary of Health Award
  • Korean President Commendation
  • Chosen by Hankook Ilbo (Korean Newspaper) best product award
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Cert. No. 2004-248-00
  • Chosen by Sports Seoul as best product award
  • Chosen by GOOD DAY Best Product Award
  • Chosen by Hankook Ilbo (Korean Newspaper) Customer Satisfaction and Top Quality Award
  • Most Promising Medium Sized Business Award (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
  • Kyunggi Medium Sized Business Award (Kyunggi Area Medium Sized Business Corporation)
  • Most Promising Medium Sized Export Business Award (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
  • New Specialized Technology Venture Business Award (Kyunggi Area Medium Sized Business Corporation)
  • First Industry Water Ionizer Manufacturing 1 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
  • Best Health Device Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) Certificate
  • Venture Business Award (New Technology Business)
  • Chosen by a Fortune 500 Company, Tennant Company to work on their “ec-H2O Project”


  • DARC USA Patent No. 6,951,225 B2
  • Auto cleaning USA Patent No. 6,846,394 B2
  • Electrolytic cell with water ionizer Patent No. 0387994
  • Conversion device 2001.8. 29 Registration Number 0308448
  • Circulative electrolytic solution producer with propeller 2002 11. 29 Application Number 0035692
  • Ionized cool and hot water producer 2002. 11. 29 Application Number 0035693
  • Electrolytic cell that produces sterilized water 2002.11. 29 Application Number 0035694
  • Portable water ionizer 2000. 9. 28 Registration Number 0206115
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 2000. 3. 5 Application Number 0171338
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 1999. 12. 3 Application Number 0171338
  • Conversion valve connection mouth for water cooler / heater 1997. 11. 26 Registration Number 0114306
  • Water dispenser after ionizing 1991. 8. 6 Registration Number 0060332
  • Water ionizer mounting water supply handling) 2002. 11. 29 Application Number 0034169
  • Ionized water mounting (Filter mounting) 2002.11. 29 Application Number 0034177
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 2000. 5. 18 Registration Number 0022154
  • Body of electrolytic cell for water ionizer 1995.5. 23 Registration Number 001296
  • Water supply distribution panel for water ionizer 1995. 5. 23 Registration Number 001295
  • Body of water cooler / heater 1992. 10. 23 Registration Number 017160

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