The Alkaline Water culture

I remember it clearly. When I was introduced to alkaline water I was told many different stories about how amazingly it works and why I totally need to spend all this money to have it available on tap. At that time I was at the beginning my interested in health journey and I felt like a new world was opening up to me. As a trusting person by nature I had no reason not to question the validity of the numbers statements I was told by the people I trusted. Those who showed me were involved in the business longer than me and surely they knew what they were talking about. They had it all checked out, right?In fact, I saw there was something different about alkaline water with my own eyes! And you can’t argue with that. (well…) For instance, when I put a tea bag in cold alkaline water, it released colouring straight away. They said it is one of the miraculous properties – so (allegedly) called the ‘micro-clustering effect’.Or when I let tomatoes sit in alkaline water, the water would go yellow. Why? Because apparently, highly alkaline water dissolves oil. “Wow”, I thought, “so cool.”I was enthusiastically sharing the same message until I came across a water science group on Facebook where all those things I was told were identified nothing more but a quackery marketing hype. I decided to dig deeper. I read, studied and most importantly, I asked questions and since that day not only I couldn’t go back to sharing what wasn’t accurate. I realised how little I knew and felt a little deceived to say at least.

The Truth about alkaline water

At the same time, I got very excited as I was gaining more knowledge that I now could confidently present in front of a medical professional without embarrassing myself and losing authority and trust. Finding out “the truth” was enlightening and also one of the reasons why I decided to leave the company I was associated with as a distributor. Having said that, I will never claim I know it all, especially since it is impossible and the amazing substance called water is such a complex subject; so much remains unknown about it.


Well, if you have no interest in water or health in general what so ever, you’re wasting your time. This will say nothing to you.On the other hand, I’m totally convinced you’ll find it valuable if you’re about to start browsing the internet on the hunt for that perfect water filter (or will do that at some point in the future) or if you’ve already been told about the “amazing miraculous properties of alkaline water”… or (even better) you’re already marketing /are a proud owner of an alkaline water product, hungry for a great educational opportunity.

To me, knowledge is power. I really hope these three videos will do exactly that. Make you feel more empowered to make more useful, more informed choices and sharing evidence-based information.

I’ve broken the footage down into three 15-20mins chunks to make it more digestible.


The Alkaline-Acid Balance and the Otto Warburg Quote

In the first part (out of three) we’ll explore two common myths about the alkaline-acidic balance in the human body and tell you what you need to know about whether cancer cells can (or can’t) survive in alkaline environment, who was Otto Warburg and what he found out.


Watch 11 Most Common Alkaline Water Myths Part 1/3 (13mins):


Alkaline Water Myth No. 1: “The body is alkaline and that’s why we should drink alkaline water.”

We’ll discuss what the term alkaline / ionised water really means. What the truth is behind the alkaline-acidic balance and how the body regulate its pH homeostasis.


Alkaline Water Myth No. 2: “The Otto Warburg Quote: Cancer cells can’t survive in an alkaline environment (the body).” 

It is true that Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize. What for? What’s the truth behind his so commonly (mis)used statement?


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