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Our water machines create molecular hydrogen or H2. Hydrogen has been backed by hundreds of independent studies to support the body’s ability to stop cell-damaging free radicals that are responsible for disease. We are a hydrogen company who uses water as the vehicle to enter the body.

The Echo® H2 Machine is a revolutionary water machine based on a proprietary hydrogen patented technology. It delivers advanced molecular hydrogen for your body and promotes optimised cellular health, antioxidants, new renewed focus and longevity.
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stop oxidative stress
Most of the food we eat affects our cells and can cause oxidative stress or damage that can't often be repaired. Hydrogen stops these cytotoxic radicals before they even start.
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There are thousands harmful chemicals in tap and bottled water. We have equipped our H2 Water Machines with state-of-the-art filtration so that you have the cleanest water possible.
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Along with getting clean water, you can enjoy the power of molecular hydrogen. Feel Better, look better, and perform better!

Revolutionise your health one glass at a time

• Reduce inflammation
• Boost athletic performance
• Cut recovery times
• Feel brighter
• Boost natural defenses
• Support metabolism
• Get Energised

Endorsed by

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Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. In 2008, he started a functional medicine center in Nashville, which grew to become one of the most renowned clinics in the world. He endorses Synergy Science and Echo® H2 Water.

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Ty Bolinger
The Truth About Cancer

“Hydrogen Water is crucial to our health! Synergy Science’s Echo® Hydrogen Water is the only water my family and I drink.”

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Mike Adams
The Health Ranger

“Thousands of world class athletes and everyday people, have benefited from groundbreaking hydrogen infusion therapy, and now you have this same opportunity, too!

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Dr. Tony Jimenez
Founder and Chief Medical officer of the renowned cancer and research facility, Hope 4 Cancer.

“Molecular Hydrogen needs to be a part of your health protocol every day, and no one delivers it better than Synergy Science.”

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Dr. Howard Fisher
Lecturer, Author in Health, Wellness and Anti-Aging Medicine

“There does not seem to be an organ system, or cellular aspect for that matter, that will not benefit or attempt to achieve homeostasis when in contact with molecular hydrogen. Echo® H2 Water is the best source for hydrogen enriched water which will always remain to be crucial to your health.”

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Dr. Terry Rondberg
Dr of Chiropractic, Author, Founder of the World Chiropractic Alliance

“I work with my patients daily to help them better their life through their health. Water is a crucial part of that process. I only recommend Echo® H2 Water to my patients.”

“Every body should understand the importance of hydrogen in your’s and your family’s life. I challenge everyone to join this great movement to become more healthy!”

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Robert Scott Bell
The Robert Scott Bell Show
The Power to Heal is Yours!

“For over ten years, I have relied on Echo® Water for my health, the health of my family and anyone who is ready to get well and stay well. When I say that ‘The Power To Heal Is Yours’, thanks to Synergy Science’s Echo® Water, it’s even more true.”

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Doug Kaufmann
Know the Cause

”Synergy Science’s Echo® H2 Water Line and Detox products are the first ever endorsed products by Doug Kaufmann from Know The Cause.”

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Dr. Marlene Siegel
Integrated veterinarian

“As an integrated veterinarian, I focus on healing the root cause of dis-ease. I strongly encourage our pet owners to only offer their fur kids Echo water to drink. Not only am I assured they are drinking the purest, cleanest water possible, they benefit from all the healing properties of molecular hydrogen. Personally I own 2 Echo® water machines, 1 at my office and 1 at my home! Echo water is the only water.”

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Darrell Wolfe
Doc of Detox

“You will not find a better system in terms of performance, reliability, quality and support… period! Get feeling your-best by drinking the-best, ever.”

Choose from our revolutionary Hydrogen & Lifestyle product range.
Worldwide leader in revolutionary Hydrogen & Lifestyle technology for all.
Worldwide leader in revolutionary Hydrogen & Lifestyle technology for all.